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Mr Smudge
Mr Smudge's Thirsty Day

“Mr Smudge's Thirsty Day”
By Jonathan Gunson
The happiest cat book ever! Yours Free

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Parents will love reading this funny and entertaining story to their children. It's a story of love and kindness, that shows there's no place like home. 

Mr Smudge's family always leave him a bowl of water to drink. But one day, they forget. So he sets off to find a drink and has all sorts of wet and splashy adventures.

Will he find a drink? Children love guessing, and their attention is held to the last page.

Mr Smudge

Jonathan Gunson, author & illustrator with the real Mr Smudge

'Mr Smudge', our hilarious family cat, really did go on this adventure. Enjoy!

The reason I'm giving away my book for free is to build a list of friends so I can also show them my new SECRET BEAR book.

It's waiting for you.  :)

Jonathan Gunson

Mr Smudge's Thirsty Day - Reed Children's Book Award

"Mr Smudge" is a REED silver award winner. CLICK for free download!

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